Cyber Risk Aware

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Cyber Risk Aware provides security training courses and videos covering over 24 security topics such as Email Security, Passwords, Removable Media, Social Engineering and Data Protection.

CRA courses last 8-10 minutes and videos take no more than 2 minutes. Both are designed to hold your attention and can be accompanied by an interactive training game or quiz to assess employee awareness.

Cyber Assessment

Cyber Risk Aware's current content covers Phishing, Spear Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering, CEO Scams, Malicious Attachments, Spyware, Shoulder Surfing, Confidential Material, USB Key Drop,  Password Handling, HTTPS, Free Wifi, Printouts, Inappropriate Emails, Clean Desk, Pop Ups, Wifi at Home, Chain Mail, Dumpster Diving and Key loggers.

Two of the most important aspects of any cyber security user training and awareness program are firstly being able to benchmark the level of staff awareness across any security topic at the outset and secondly being able to assess the effectiveness of the training program over time through ongoing assessments.

Cyber Risk Aware provides this facility with their Cyber Assessment module. Clients can either create their own assessment questions and answers or they can choose from one our pre-supplied assessments on various security topics.

Each quiz is customizable and can be issued at any point in time. Also included with our quizzes is the unique capability to offer a countdown timer per question. Only though detailed analysis of how long it takes to answer each question can a true picture emerge of who is more aware than others.

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