Incident Response & Forensics

You’ve been hacked.  What do you do?
One of the most challenging (and frightening) circumstances a business can face is the realization that it has suffered a cybersecurity breach.  The consequences can be dire (loss of reputation, financial loss, regulatory fines, irreparable harm to business relationships) any or all of these can result.  But first, you have to get the situation under control immediately.

STIGroup can help your business recover from a breach.
STIGroup has an incident response team with extensive expertise and experience in dealing with a wide variety of cybersecurity breach situations.  Whether your website has been defaced, sensitive data has been stolen from your organization, or you have reason to believe that a hacker is active in your network, STIGroup can help.  Our team of incident response experts will:
  • Conduct the necessary forensics to determine the extent of the breach. 
This involves not only the monitoring of activity, but the deployment of tools and analysis of data to determine Indicators of Compromise (IoC) so that the extent of a breach can be accurately determined, and latent threats such as backdoors planted by hackers on your systems can be discovered.
  • Determine and execute the containment strategy.
New and existing security controls need to be implemented in an aggressive manner to ‘stop the bleeding’, while allowing your organization to continue critical business operations.  The integrity of forensics data needs to be maintained during this process.  Controls need to be tuned and processes need to be put in place to prevent the breach from spreading.
  • Reestablish the integrity of your environment.
Your networks, systems, and applications need to be ‘returned to normal’ as quickly as possible, while maintaining the integrity of the necessary digital evidence.  Necessary technical and procedural adjustments need to be made in the context of the recovery in order to prevent a recurrence of compromise.

STIGroup’s experts have the experience necessary to communicate the nature, extent, and status of your breach condition with external entities.  Whether it’s one of your clients, a regulatory agency, or a law enforcement agency, we know not only what to say, but when to say it (and what not to say!), and how to convey all information appropriately and accurately.

STIGroup can help your business prevent it from happening again.
During our incident response process, we place significant emphasis on the determination of how the breach occurred.  Then we identify the security control gaps that allowed it to happen.  Our team will work with your business, as a member of the recovery process, to implement the necessary technical and procedural controls to protect your environment from future breaches.  We can communicate with involved 3rd parties on your behalf, informing them about the response, the determined vulnerabilities leading to the breach, and the steps taken to prevent recurrence, restoring confidence.  After the situation is behind you, STIGroup’s cybersecurity operations and experience can back you up and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.