LINUX Systems Consulting

STI offers both essential and custom services for Linux OS Administration. When it comes to user management, service accounts, and OS management, we focus on security, functionality, and versatility. Our goals are to meet the needs of our clients, provide the best support and creation of environments that offer more productivity, integrity, and growth!

User Management

  • Creation, removal, and management of Linux users
  • Login privileges, file and folder permissions

Disk Management

  • LVM management, Partitioning, Encryption, etc.

Network Management

  • Configuring of network devices on Linux OS, host configurations, etc.

Service Management

  • Configuration of incremental back scripts, logging, custom alerts, custom services

Application Management

  • Web Site framework for LAMP stack applications
  • Opsview Application Framework
  • NetScanner
  • Atlassian Confluence
  • CRM infrastructure
  • CMS/CDS infrastructure
  • NewRelic Application Monitoring