Wireless Networking

Wireless networking has become ubiquitous in the corporate environment.  The increase in productivity and convenience wireless technology offers is indisputable.  However, the implementation and management of these wireless networks introduce a variety of challenges, including:

•    Selection of the appropriate wireless technology to meet corporate goals
•    Proper design and implementation to maintain availability and performance standards
•    Tuning of wireless implementations to adjust for changes in usage and environmental conditions
•    Security hardening of wireless implementations to effectively manage risk
•    Monitoring of wireless networks to identify and respond to issues with availability and security

STIGroup as vast experience and a significant track record of success with the design, implementation, and management of secure and reliable wireless networks.  Our capabilities range from design and implementation of conventional wireless LANs (802.1a,b,g,n) to implementation of purpose built wireless security solutions.  STIGroup goes beyond basic implementation and management training and certification for wireless networking.  Our talent and experience allow us to address the most difficult wireless design and integration tasks, such as wireless implementations under challenging environmental conditions and complex integration of wireless networks with authentication and encryption systems.  Our wireless networking service offerings are comprehensive, offering a significant advantage to your business in the delivery of your wireless networking strategy or the execution of a tactical wireless initiative:

  • Requirements analysis and technology selection
  • Site surveys and access point positioning
  • Implementation in old buildings and other challenging environments
  • Management and monitoring solutions
  • Performance tuning and coverage strategies
  • Remediation of availability issues
  • Managed Services
  • Wireless endpoint technologies
  • Incident response and forensic analysis
  • Wireless Voice over IP implementations
  • Authentication and encryption systems
  • Quality-of-Service implementations

STIGroup leverages a broad base of technical experience with networking and security technologies to deliver wireless solutions that are well integrated with your technology environment and in alignment with your corporate IT strategy.  We help your business effectively and cost-efficiently leverage wireless technology to meet your goals while minimizing the burden that such technology can introduce to your IT and Cybersecurity operations.